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Tim's favorite saying is, "If it were easy, everyone would do it." In the 30 plus years in academia as a researcher, professor, and administrator, Tim knows firsthand what it takes to move a department or Institute forward is often anything but easy.


That's why Tim partners with you to deliver solutions that will move your department, Institute, or young academics forward by utilizing constructive, creative, and practical solutions to solve your challenges. 

Call or email to find out more about our services.

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  • Department reorganization

  • Development and growth of Institutes

  • Accreditation of Exercise Science programs

  • Career development 

  • Tenure and promotion process

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With a focus on delivering current, topical, and valuable information, Tim utilizes laughter and real-life examples to engage the audience. With that goal in mind, attendees leave with a greater understanding of how to live, thrive, and prosper in their academic careers.

Workshops and webinars are explicitly created for the audience and demographics of your event. Some past topics have been "The New Normal in Academic Job Searches" to "How to Dress For Success In Academia" to "Taking Control of Your Career: Ways to Get To and Prosper in Your Professional Life" 
Whether conducting a webinar discussing a single topic or a half or full-day workshop, the content will align with your participant's place in their academic career.

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 Application Documents - Made Easy e-course
is designed to support doctoral students, post-docs, and young academics in the life sciences to create well-written application documents in less time and with less stress learning anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace!

The easy-to-follow videos, writing templates, and document examples give participants what they need to complete all seven application documents so they can produce documents that make them stand out in the crowd!

Coming soon - Grant Writing 101

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