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Many Exercise Science students are confused about interpreting or passing on essential information to the lay public. As a result, many erroneous concepts still exist in the general public's mind concerning Exercise. Therefore, this manual was written in a lighter style, putting the students in everyday situations so they could learn and understand how Exercise impacts an individual's life and health.


The lab experiments in Physiology Phil True Life Experiences are designed to help make the often seemingly intangible and abstract Exercise Physiology concepts more concrete and understandable for Exercise Physiology students. 

This lab manual will help bridge the gap between the correct concepts and these everyday situations.


Please note: These experiments are actual Exercise Physiology Lab experiments. These are not experiments designed to teach students laboratory methods. Instead, these experiments assume that the students are guided in using the "tools of the trade" so that they don't get bogged down with the methodology and can concentrate on learning the underlying physiological concepts that govern our responses to Exercise.

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