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Discover how to move up in academia, navigate department politics, and enjoy a healthy and balanced life.

In 1998 we were told, "Don't get in a car with strangers." In 2008 we were told, "Don't meet people from the internet." And then in 2018: UBER... So order a stranger from the internet to get into a car alone. 


Things are changing in and out of Academia. That's why I wanted to create a space where individuals could discover how to survive and thrive in the business of Academia while keeping their health, personal life, and sanity intact! In addition, I wanted to help others learn how to navigate the tricky waters of research, teaching, and department politics. 


So, here's my question to you. How do you handle your career decisions? Are you afraid of letting others know you don't have all the answers, so you struggle in silence, wringing your hands, hoping that you make the right decision? Do you go to peers and colleagues that may or may not have faced the same decision point? Perhaps you look at some of the 'industry sources, for example, The Chronicle of Higher Education, where you will likely find that those giving the advice have little to no experience in Academia and probably no experience in anything other than the Humanities. 


Whether in the middle or later part of your faculty career or as an administrator, we are here to help you move forward in Academia by dropping a once-a-month email into your inbox. We'll give you accurate, current, and reliable information that will help you discover ways to make critical decisions, solve your career dilemmas, and find solutions so you can live a well-balanced life.

Dr.Tim Lightfoot, PHD

We deliver Academic Balance to your inbox once a month, so you get hand-picked, valuable, reliable, and helpful information that will make a difference in how you see, think, and navigate, Academia and life.

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Who Are We
About  Tim Lightfoot 

As co-founder of Academic Career Development Services, a boutique consulting firm specializing in academic programming, reorganization, accreditation, and career development, Tim has discovered firsthand that moving a department, Institute, or young faculty member forward is anything but easy.

Tim's favorite saying is, "If it were easy, everyone would do it" and he draws upon this saying whether working with an Institute director, department head, professional organization, or doctoral student.

That's why with over 30 years in academia as a researcher, professor, and administrator, Tim calls upon his knowledge, experience, and expertise to deliver constructive, creative, and practical solutions that meet the goals and timeline of his clients.


As an author Tim's wrote his first book, Physiology Phil's True Lab Experiences, to help bring the often intangible and abstract Exercise Physiology concepts concrete within the laboratory. His second book, Finding the Best Faculty Job for You: Living and Prospering in Academia, was written due to the challenges that Tim witnessed with doctoral students and post-docs who needed the tools and information to move forward in academia. 


With a desire to support young faculty, Tim wrote, Surviving Your First 5 Years As A Faculty Member, a guidebook for young academics who want to learn how to navigate the early years and promotion and tenure in academia. In his "spare time"  he took on the role as lead editor on the reference handbook Exercise and Sports Genetics from Routledge Publishing.


Tim is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, Past-President of the Southeast Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine, and a Past member of the Board of Trustees for the American College of Sports Medicine. ​

University recognition:

  • Texas A&M University Distinguished Achievement Award - Graduate Mentoring 

  • Texas A&M Association of Former Students College-Level Teaching Award 

  • Graduate Teacher of the Year - UNC Charlotte University

  • Graduate Student Mentor of the Year - Texas A & M University

  • Florida Atlantic University College of Education, Distinguished Teacher 

       of the Year 

Media outlets that have featured Tim's research:

  • LA Times

  • CNN

  • NPR

  • The Today Show

  • New York Times

  • Rush Limbaugh Show

A few of Tim's Speaking and Training events:

  • NIH (Nat'l Post-doc Association),

  • The University of Charlotte 

  • University of Oklahoma

  • University of Iowa

  • Pease Family Scholar – Iowa State University Kinesiology Department

  • Texas ACSM Regional Chapter Spring Speaker Tour

Dr Tim Lightfoot
J. Timothy Lightfoot, PhD

We deliver Academic Balance to your inbox once a month, so you get hand-picked, valuable, reliable, and helpful information that will make a difference in how you see, think, and navigate, Academia and life.

No charge. No spam. Unsubscribe anytime.

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