Finding The Best Faculty Job For You 
Living and Prospering in Academia

Finding The Best Faculty Job For You helps the reader navigate and understand the written and unwritten rules of applying and landing a faculty position in Academia.


The tips, illustrations, examples, and Information to Know boxes guide the reader step-by-step through writing application documents through the interview and into their first faculty position.

Book "Finding the best faculty job for you

Surviving Your First 5 Years As A Faculty Member
Living and Prospering in Academia

This book will help move the reader through the critical first five years in Academia.


Learn how to transition from being a newly hired Assistant Professor to a seasoned, promoted, and tenured Associate professor by utilizing tips and techniques that will shorten your learning curve and so you have the knowledge, insight and skillset necessary to live and prosper in Academia.

Book -"Surviving your first 5 years as a faculty member"

Thriving In Academia
Living and Prospering in Academia

Dr. Lightfoot is typing as fast as he can to complete this book by Spring of 2022.


Thriving in Academia will take the reader from post promotion & tenure to learning how to effectively lead and move into administration.

Front_Thriving in Academia book